Our U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT)-compliant certification will enable you to perform specimen collections from both USDOT-regulated and from non-USDOT-regulated personnel.

If you have not already decided to order and undertake this specialized training, this is what you can expect if you do:

  1. Our OHS, Inc. Operations Department will send you a username and password to access (see above) the initial training module. The training module is "39" pages in length, and must be thoroughly reviewed and thoroughly understood by you as a FIRST step to certification (yes, there IS a written test later).
  2. Operations will also ship to you enough "CCFs" (Custody & Control Forms- sometimes called a Chain of Custody or "COC"), along with specimen collection kits, to undertake the required "mock" collections as the FINAL part of your training needed for certification (see #4 below).
  3. Once you feel that the 39 pages are well-read and the information well-absorbed by you, please call OHS Operations at 1-800-456-4647 ext. 206 and you will be e-mailed an attachment representing the written test. Passing score is 80%. Even when you "pass" with that score or higher, any "missed" answer(s) will be answered and explained in detail by one of our trainers. We want you to get them ALL (100%) correct and to fully understand the reason you were wrong about the one(s) - if any - that you missed!
  4. Once the written test is successfully passed, you again call OHS Operations (1-800-456-4647 ext. 206) to arrange a time convenient for you to set up for and undertake the "mock" specimen collections required under USDOT regulations. That's where a "webcam" comes into play. (If your desktop or laptop computer does not have one, they cost about $9.95 at Radio Shack and elsewhere and are very simple to attach). USDOT regulations require that these collections are "observed" by a certified trainer, to ensure you perform them correctly, and your computer-attached webcam will enable you and your trainer here to "see" and speak to each other during this required exercise.
  5. Upon successful completion of the observed mock collections (five consecutive collections, each done error-free...or you start over), you are certifiable!
  6. An 8.5 X 11 "Certificate of Completion" will be emailed to you.
  7. Once you are certified by OHS, Inc., you are granted the right to call us toll-free in the future - as often as you need - to get advice, direction, clarification, "whatever"...regarding proper forensic collection procedures. I assure you, there will definitely be "situations" you run into during some future collections that were not and could not be anticipated and covered in your training (no matter who initially provides it). It'll likely take you "100+" collections over time to experience the lion's share of those. But, when they do occur - whether a week, month, or year later - you can and should call us toll-free for guidance. We will be happy to help!

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